A groundbreaking reporting app from Gloucestershire Police

We designed the brand and overall comms collateral for a new initiative launched by Gloucestershire Police to help tackle violence and crime against women.


'Flare' is a Safer Gloucestershire app, created for women and girls, to anonymously share their experiences of how and where they’ve felt unsafe. The app helps local agencies understand how and where users feel unsafe and take action. It’s anonymous, quick, free to use and can connect users to support and advice in Gloucestershire.

The brand had to be reflective of its target audience in terms of appeal, but also reflect the seriousness and importance of the apps objective.

The logo was born out of the interpretation of a beacon 'flare' – highlighting the location of an incident. The app bases its data on Geolocation, so this was a visual nod to sending out specific co-ordinates. The 'F' from Flare has been designed to represent these signals and has the ability to pulsate in animated applications.

The colour palette needed to have a clear reference to the Police, but also had to feel approachable and not too corporate.

Information shared anonymously on the app will be used by police, councils and local partner agencies to take action and help make Gloucestershire a safer place for women and girls. This could include improvements such as police patrols targeting certain areas, action taken to support a particular bar or club, increased CCTV or improvements made to street lighting.


Police have noted a number of reports coming from a popular dog walking area and increased their presence nearby with Neighbourhood Policing Teams on patrol, reports Planet Radio*.

Another area that has seen higher numbers of reports was close to the University campus. The Flare team have worked in partnership with the University Safeguarding lead to remind students of appropriate behaviours, safety and the support that is available.

Assistant Chief Constable Rhiannon Kirk, the Constabulary's lead for Violence and Intimidation Against Women and Girls, said: "We are really pleased to hear all the positive feedback we have received from people using the app - particularly women and young girls have said what a great idea they think the app is."

"The more information we have on the everyday violence and intimidation women suffer, the more we can target our policing approach and help make women feel safer - and remind any offenders that we take these types of crimes very seriously."

"We're finding out about incidents that never before would have been reported to police. We're grateful to every person who has downloaded the app and sent off a flare, we are listening"