Telling your school’s story in a way that compels your audience to join your community

Creating a clear point of difference and delivering it to your audience with brilliant and emotive storytelling has never been more important. This is especially true for schools, where parents choose to shape their children’s education and empower them to negotiate life’s journey and challenges. This is where we believe C+H Collective can help you.


We believe that a strong brand identity creates true differentiation. Your brand dictates every aspect of your design system and ensures that your communications and messaging are consistent and compelling, appealing to your audience and key stakeholders alike.
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Photography and powerful images evoke emotions from an audience. That's why we create moving and compelling visuals that build evocative and emotive marketing material for prospectuses, school websites and all your campaign communications. We capture moments that trigger an emotional response in your audience, driving them to find out more about your school.
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A brilliant brand film will help you communicate with your target families and, even better, start conversations with them. Tep-way information exchanges help them better understand your brand, values, and story and how their children will thrive at your school. It’s our belief that filmmaking and its distribution builds a strong trust and a real connection between your audience and your schools personality.
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"We are completely full for next year with waiting lists in a number of years, and pretty much the same picture the year after - so the work we did has paid off and confidence is at an all time high!"

Head of Marketing

School branding experts

As a Collective, we work very closely with our clients to create compelling stories that are executed through highly targeted campaigns. We deliver solutions that create strong and powerful brands, differentiating you from your competitors to drive business results and long-term brand value.


Your prospectus should deliver a strong, relevant and consistent message in a coherent and targeted manner. It must embrace and project your culture, ethos, values and personality. The objective is to clearly differentiate the school from competitors, reflecting major strengths, benefits, aspirations and your own distinct personality. The prospectus provides an insight into the Governor’s and Head’s ethos, long-term aims and objectives, the views of staff and of the pupils themselves. Nothing beats a visit, but providing sufficient information through a thought-provoking prospectus will increase the desire to visit your school and learn more.


John and the team understand that today’s education marketplace is increasingly competitive. For any parent, choosing a school is a hugely important decision. A visually powerful, well-designed prospectus, full of engaging images which communicate your school’s values and positions your brand, is a valuable reference resource for parents in their decision making process. With a track record of delivering high quality images for schools and higher education establishments, we understand this better than anyone.


We specialise in producing brand films for schools, uniquely tailored to bring their authentic personalities and offering to life. Through these films, we strive to show the public what sets your school apart and makes your establishment the perfect environment for students to learn, grow and succeed.

These videos showcase all the fantastic things that makes your school unique. They focus on your unique history, state-of-the-art facilities, as well as the holistic approach to education and developing each child as an individual. By using film to capture the energy and ethos of your school, we highlight the qualities that makes your offering truly valuable.


Through creative design and with education-specific functionality, we will ensure your online presence truly showcases your school’s personality and its unique values. We work closely with our specialist school website partners, utilising their own custom-built content management system (CMS), which has been honed and perfected exclusively for schools and the education sector.

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