Combating stalking, together with Gloucestershire Police

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Gloucestershire police, our latest project is a powerful campaign designed to raise awareness about the signs of stalking.

Shedding light on stalking: raising awareness

Stalking is a deeply invasive and often misunderstood crime that can manifest in various forms, including physical surveillance, cyberstalking, and unwanted communication. With the advent of technology, it has become easier for perpetrators to exploit personal information and relentlessly torment their victims.

Aptly named FOUR, the campaign focuses on the four key indicators of stalking: Fixated, Obsessed, Unwanted, Repeated. This eye-catching and innovative campaign combines the allure of a rom-com film with the dark reality of stalking, aiming to educate and empower individuals to spot the signs and seek help.

The fractured FOUR logo: symbolising broken boundaries

To emphasise the seriousness of the issue, Gloucestershire Police wanted to create a campaign logo that would accompany all their comms for this campaign, so we designed the FOUR 'fractured' logo. This shattered design represents the broken boundaries and emotional distress that stalking inflicts on its victims. It serves as a haunting reminder that behind seemingly picture-perfect facades, there may be hidden pain and suffering. This typographic treatment was also used across all headlines for greater impact and recognition.

Taking the message to the streets

The assets C+H Collective created were displayed across street furniture and buses in Gloucestershire. These strategically designed 'film' posters and ads directed people's attention to a hard-hitting trailer that exposed the insidious nature of stalking. The campaign video, "Stalking: Life isn't like the movies," created by Affixxius has already garnered over 157k views on YouTube alone and is making waves in the community. The video effectively communicates the four ways to identify stalking behaviour: Fixated, Obsessed, Unwanted, and Repeated, and encourages victims to record and report such behaviour.

The research both locally and from outside of the Constabulary determined that many stalking behaviours we see such as gift giving, turning up outside work as a 'surprise' or being persistent to demonstrate their passion, are commonly romanticised through the movies - and therefore this became the creative theme for the whole campaign.

By reaching people in their everyday environments, we ensured that the message was impossible to ignore. The posters directed people to watch the trailer and it was also broadcast locally through Sky AdSmart.

Results that matter

The impact of the FOUR Pneumonic campaign was immediate and far-reaching. Social media buzzed with discussions about the campaign's approach, leading to an influx of engagement and shares. Local news outlets covered the campaign, amplifying its message beyond expectations.