Engaging a teenage audience with an immersive eLearning experience

Boost is a self-leadership and empowerment programme that equips young people with the essential life skills they need to deal with challenges now and in the future.


Gloucestershire Constabulary wanted a bespoke website and secure learning management system (LMS) designed and built to educate and facilitate the delivery of their Boost programme into schools. Boost is an immersive, interactive and inclusive self-leadership programme, delivered by Year 12 students to younger pupils. It is designed to engage, inspire and boost their life skills. The platform had to accommodate the programme in a digestible format, easy to understand, learn and then deliver.


C+H Collective designed a user experience that engaged younger audiences through video, multiple choice, interactive learning and gamification. The bespoke platform has been built with the ability to add further content blocks as the programme evolves and develops. Learning progress is tracked within your personal profile, allowing users to easily continue their course journey on any device and to a timetable to suit them.

Another key consideration in the design and build was data protection and privacy. Upon registration, schools are given a specific login to access the Boost programme, which they can then allocate logins to their pupils accordingly. This means less admin, automating the process and above all keeping pupils identities protected.

The public facing site gives people an overview of the Boost programme and what they can expect to learn. It helps facilitate conversations about Boost and informs parents and potential partners the benefits of the programme. Please check it out here: www.beboost.co.uk

The LMS part of the site is accessible only via your unique login. This is where students can access the course and learn all about the content and how to deliver it.  The nature of the programme will evolve and the platform has been built to ensure this can seamlessly happen. 

We have gone on to produce a journal for everyone who takes part in the programme, which ensures they have a continuous resource to what they have learnt and indeed can document and chart their self-leadership journey as they continue through to adulthood.